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Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of wasting hundreds of hours figuring out all essential content by yourself, all you have to do is download these ready-made templates and implement them. I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on these materials. 

You will see the results immediately if you implement materials immediately. What kind and how much depends on what your starting situation is. Beginners will see results in a couple of weeks. If you are already a big star, the results will be less dramatic, but your workload will be greatly reduced.

You will receive instant access to all the of material. You have lifetime access for all materials.

The best part is that you don’t need any special software in order to use Canva. The website is available as an app for Android and Apple devices, as well as an app for Windows and iOS computers, making it easier than ever to make your templates into something that will make your business visuals go from mediocre to mind blowing