Few years ago, my friend’s business failed within the first month. It was a makeup business, and she was very excited about it. She had purchased the necessary makeup tools and was skilled in their use, but unfortunately, she had no growth hacking ideas for startups. And because we -our circle of friends, had so much

You want to join the online money geng by putting your small business on a social media platform. You are excited and have been raving about boosting your brand visibility. Several businesses are making it online and you feel this is something you can also “crush”. Just one small question- Have you thought of the

should I hire a marketing agency

As more small businesses are born, even more companies realize that marketing is now the centre of business growth. What are you doing about your business’s marketing? This article explains the importance of professional content marketing ideas.

types of people to avoid

There are different types of toxic relationships you must avoid in any business. No one ever said that business would be accessible. Maintaining healthy and productive relationships with co-workers, clients, and other business associates can often be challenging. Failure to avoid toxic relationships in business can only spell doom and disaster for your business. Human

#endsars protests

As the 2023 general elections inch closer, it is important to be vocal about your ideas for a better nation.

buyer personality types

Here’s a deeper dive into the major personality types you may encounter during your sales career, as well as advice on how to handle each.

content creation ideas for social media

It’s said that “The average human attention span is 8 seconds which is shorter than a goldfish.” It means that there has to be a science to creating social content that will easily go viral. 

video content ideas

Compared to pictures and texts, videos command really high levels of engagement. Experts say sixty-four percent of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos. What are you waiting for? Get cracking!

best entrepreneur movies on netflix

As a business owner, sometimes, all you just need is a cold drink, a bowl of popcorn, and a good movie to give you that relaxing feel you deserve. Even better, you can grab some inspo while relaxing.

Marketing phrases to attract customers

Have you seen a business that thrived without a marketing tool? This tells you how important this article is. Marketing phrases will help you build your customer base and increase sales. They are cheap and cost almost nothing! But they mean the world to your customers.

Nightlife in Lagos

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Of course, you have to make ends meet but you need to take it slow. Pamper yourself and enjoy nightlife in Lagos especially on Friday nights. You need the fun!

How to raise money for a business without a loan

Most business ideas can’t fly without money. You need not worry on how to fund your startup without a loan. You can start small and grow alongside. The idea is just to start!

Quit your job

It’s true that jobs ain’t easy to come by so one should cherish the one at hand. But when the situation becomes unbearable, you might just have to quit that job. Life goes on. So, move on too! Your peace matters a lot.

Nigerian actors

What did you say your excuse is again? Your favourite Nigerian actors have side hustles to enhance better living. Multiple stream of income is the way to go. Embrace it!

how to sell on Instagram

Think about this; Among a billion users on Instagram, what will make your brand stand out? There are many ways to go about it but we’ve put together these 7 ways to grow your business on Instagram..

Funny questions to ask on a first date

Some go on various dates before they could find love. Whereas, some hit it off on the first date. Either way, there’s an amount of tension at first. Some of these funny questions to ask on a first date could help you too.

Food bloggers in Nigeria

Food bloggers are special as they have added fun to cooking and meals. Right from recipes to the dishes, you’ll agree they’ve made life easier for everyone. And if you’re the type that hardly have time for cooking but love homely foods, then check these Nigerian food bloggers out.

Start a business

An idea that is not backed up by a plan remains a wish. If you want to start a business in Nigeria, these 10 major steps will help you stand on your feet.

Instagram post ideas for likes

No doubt, markets have moved online. And among the various social media, Instagram stands out! So, you need to understand how to gain presence therein and build your follower base. This can be done through Instagram post ideas that’ll generate more likes. These 15 ideas put together can help you.

Is the clothing business profitable?

If you’ve ever thought of going into the clothing business, then the time is now. It’s trending and you can start on a small scale. Live out your passion and make money too.

untapped business in Nigeria

There are tons of businesses one can invest in. We have the ones that require little or no skills and those that require little or no capital to start. Find out what suits you and run with it.